• Trattore vigneto frutteto compact alpine tractor
  • Trattore vigneto frutteto compact alpine tractor
  • Trattore vigneto frutteto compact alpine tractor
  • Trattore vigneto frutteto compact alpine tractor
  • Trattore vigneto frutteto compact alpine tractor
  • Trattore vigneto frutteto compact alpine tractor
  • Trattore vigneto frutteto compact alpine tractor
  • Trattore vigneto frutteto compact alpine tractor
  • Trattore vigneto frutteto compact alpine tractor

 P796V evo


Our objective was to produce a tractor having unique features satifying the requirements:
•    best possible stability on the slopes and best peformance on all types of terrain,
•    minimum turning radius,
•    double use, with front and rear attachements,
•    progressive transmission with continous variation of speed,
•    360° usage all the year.

In 1996, the goal was achieved with the P796V series.

Today, with the P796V EVO series, we have achieved a new and better standard of performance for specialised tractors for vineyards, with a new engine, new chassis/frame, better weight distribution, new hydraulic system and greater comfort.

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The new engine KOHLER KDI2504TCR features the most advanced common-rail system available on the market, specifically designed for extreme durability and resistance to the most severe conditions of use. The high-pressure pump, at 2000 bar, provided with the G3S solenoid injectors, allow a precisely-calibrated fuel dose during the injection process.

The turbo-compressor with waste-gate valve has been specially calibrated to reduce any response delay and provide the right amount of air for an optimal supply of torque and power.
The use of an intercooler, ensures the correct air inlet temperature to achieve high torque at low rotation speeds while achieving emissions compliance.

The 4 valves per cylinder distribution has been designed to mount the injector in a perfectly vertical and centered position compared to the combustion chamber. This solution allows for optimizing filling, fuel atomisation and mixing of the same with the oxygen present in the combustion chamber.
Intake manifold and combustion chamber have been developed through careful fluid dynamics analysis (CFD Analysis) to achieve efficient combustion.
The engine speed calibrated to only 2300 rpm lowers the noises, vibrations, reduces fuel consumption and extends the life of the engine.


KOHLER type KDI 2504 TCR

•  4 cylinders in line, 16 valves

•  displacement 2482 cm³

•  diesel, turbo with after cooler

•  power 55,4 kw (75 cv) at 2300 rpm (97/68 CE)

•  maximum torque 300 Nm at 1500 rpm (97/68 CE)

•  specific fuel consumption of 210 g/kwh  

•  liquid cooling

•  low emission, conforms to the stage 3B/TIER 4 FINAL emission standards, without diesel particulate filter (DPF)




High-performance hydrostatic drive, 2 mechanical gears and 2 hydraulic gears selectable while driving, infinitely variable speeds from 0 to 40 km/h in both directions, with multi-function joystick, “AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEM” for road use, with automatic adjustment of speed according to tractive effort and engine rpm.



Optional - automatic control of the maximum speed set by the multi-function joystick.
During manouvres, especially on steep slopes, to stop the tractor you do not need to use the clutch and the brakes, it is sufficient to move the multi-function joystick to the stop position, allowing the use of the vehicle with a safety and a speed impossible to achieve with tractors with traditional gearbox.
The hydrostatic transmission has no clutch, resulting in substantial savings in maintenance costs.

ISF Chassis

ISF Chassis

Oscillating ISF (integral steel frame), complete with mounts forthe rear, front and side equipments, unique on the market, made of high-strength steel to withstand higher loads,elastically absorbing stresses; the engine is suspended on silent-blocks, in order to reduce noises and vibrations transmitted to the frame. The frame is protected against corrosion by cataphoresis process and epoxy powder coating.

•  Permanent four wheels drive.
•  Bottom protection guards for the preservayion of all transmission units
•  Reversing driver station suspended on silent-blocks, with simple and fast rotation.

Twin-steering system



Our TWIN STEERING SYSTEM is unique on the market and gives you the advantages of 3 steering systems on one tractor.

greater stability of the machine, lower sensitivity of the equipments' load to changes in the trajectory of the machine, less movement of the equipments while steering.

smaller turning radius, transit of the rear of the machine in the same trajectory of the front part (very useful when driving direction is reversed), lateral movement of the equipments while steering without having to actuate hydraulic movements of tools.

significant reduction in turning radius, (up to 44% less) avoiding of slide down of the rear part of the machine during working in strong side slope.


The two steering systems can be used either independently or simultaneously; independent use allows to make use of the advantages of one or other, while simultaneous use reduces the turning radius down to 2150 mm.


Controls the sequential steering, first, for one of the 2 steering systems and subsequently for the other.
The driver can give priority to front or central steering.

Driver station


•  suspended and adjustable seat
•  reversible driving position, rapid central rotation and automatic reversal of the flow valve,
•  doubled pedals


Display - dashboard: displays all the tractor work parameters; 16.7 million colours; with sensor of ambient light to adjust automatically the display brightness.
The supporting system featuring display fixed independently in the center of the steering wheel gives excellent visibility of all the parameters; The display features IP67 protection level; resistance to 5G shocks and vibrations and resistance to chemical products used in agriculture.




The standard hydraulic system has a flow rate of 41 l/min with heat exchanger and Load Sensing valve for the power steering.

Optional – dual /double pump with heat exchanger with a flow rate of 25 l/min for power steering and hydraulic lift + 41 l/min 189 bar for the hydraulic distributors, up to 8 hydraulic setting controlled by multi-function joystick, which allow equipments that require high-capacity hydraulic supply, often used in vineyard cultivations.

Technical data

Technical data

Oscillating integral steel frame
Kohler KDI2504TCR, 16 valves, turbo intercooler, common rail
Emmision norms
Stage 3B/TIER 4 Final
n. of cylinders
Power Kw/CV (97/68/CE)
55,4/75 @ 2300 rpm
Max. torque (Nm@RPM)
300 Nm @ 1500 rpm
Specific fuel consumption
Min. 210 g/kWh, @ max. power 222 g/kWh
Hydrostatic continously variable speed from 0 to 40 kph in both directions,
2 mechanical and 2 hydraulic gears - selectable, "AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEM" for road use
Rear, independent with progressive and adjustable electro-hydraulic engagement at 540 RPM - 1" \ SAE shaft - splines
With 2 point hitch, capacity: 2400 kg
Hydraulic with load sensing system +  “TWIN STEERING SYSTEM”
Service brakes: on four wheels disc brakes in oil bath, hydraulically controlled;
parking brake - drum type on transmission
Suspended on silent - blocks with reversible driver station - quick & easy
with ROPS - 2000 kg, with cab 2300 kg
Cat. C adjustable
6000 kg using front wheel steering,
4000 kg using central articulation
8.25x16 240/70R16 260/70R16 280/70R16 280/70R18 320/65R18 340/65R18
1050 1100 1150 1150 1230 1315 1315
Color display, IP67 protection grade, 5G shock resistance,
resistant to chemicals used in agriculture


multi-function joystick * ROPS * adjustable,  suspension seat with safety belt *
dashboard - color display * dry air filter with cyclone pre-filter * electrical power
point for trailer * heat exchanger for hydraulic lift and distributors
Certified cab * air conditioning * up to four hydraulic distributors with manual
or electric control * flow regulator * double hydraulic circuit * direct drain in
the hydraulic oil tank * ballast weight * PTO @ 540/750 RPM * air suspension
seat * third hydraulic point with block valve * hydraulic vertical tie-rod with
block valve * lift quick swift linkages cat.1 * 2 rear work lights * rotating beacon
automatic double steering with selection of the priority for the front or central steering
limiting maximum speed all the way joystick with constant speed
maximun speed limiter joystick all the way with constant speed.





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